Direct supply of water supply\sewage and engineering plastics for mechanical processing from manufacturers

Corrugated pipes Incor
for sewage and drainage

Diameters from 160mm to 1000mm ! Depth up to 6m.

PVC pipes
pressure pipes for water and sewage

Simplicity of connection, long service life.

Polyethylene pipes
for pressure water supply

Diameters from 20mm to 400mm

Unidelta Fittings
Official Distributor in Ukraine

The widest assortment of compression fittings is always in stock!

PVC non-pressure pipes
for outdoor sewage

European quality and reliability! Diameters from 110mm to 630mm.

PE SPIRO pipes
from 300mm to 3000mm!

With structured wall

Engineering plastics
for machining

Polyamide, PTFE Fluoroplastic, Polyethylene PE500, PE1000, Polyoxymethylene POM


About company

The company Santex LLC was founded in 2000. The main priorities of the company are high quality products and perfect service. Thanks to this, as well as competent policy, dynamically developing, the company has established itself as a reliable partner supplier of high-quality products from leading foreign manufacturers.

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1. Water supply and sewage systems

– PVC pipes for external sewage   INSTALPLAST (Poland);
– PVC fittings for external sewage   (Poland. Germany);
– Compression fittings for PE pipes Unideltа   UNIDELTA (Italy);
– Pressure water supply systems PVC-U  INSTALPLAST (Poland);
– Corrugated two-layer pipes and fittings INCOR  INSTALPLAST (Poland);
– PP pipes for internal sewage   INSTALPLAST (Poland);
– Systems of internal heating and water supply PEX-AL-PEX, PEX-EVOH-PEX   UNIDELTA (Italy);
– Drainage systems and wells made of PVC   INSTALPLAST (Poland);
– Polyethylene pipes (PE) and large diameters for external   UPONOR KWH-PIPE systems (Finland);
– Cast iron valves and cast iron fittings  NORDEX (Poland)


2. Engineering plastics for machining


Basic plastics:

Polyamide   QUADRANT EPP (Belgium), GLOBAL EPP (Great Britain), GEHR GmbH (Germany)
High molecular weight polyethylene PE-500, PE-1000   Polypres (Spain);
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)  QUADRANT EPP (Belgium), GEHR GmbH (Germany);
Polyacetal    GLOBAL EPP (Great Britain), GEHR GmbH (Germany), QUADRANT EPP (Belgium);
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)


Many years of experience in a market economy laid the foundation for the creation of a highly qualified team of managers and technical experts to help our customers solve problems of any complexity. Our company offers a wide range of high-quality products, the best prices, flexible discount systems. A well-established activity of the logistics department allows us to deliver products in a short time.

Clients of Santex LLC appreciate the ease of communication, unobtrusive staff, friendliness and a purely individual approach to each client.

We are always glad to see you, write, call, come!

We offer the best prices on the market, thanks to exclusive contracts with manufacturers.

The entire range of the goods you need is always available in our warehouses.


Leave a request, our specialist will consult you for free on all issues and help with the selection of products

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LLC "Santex"

Southern Borshchagіvka, 8, Pshenichna str., Kiev, 03134 (passage "Promkabel-Electro")

Mon-Fri from 9.00 to 18.00 without lunch.
Sat, Sun - weekends

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