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Compression fittings “Unidelta” for PE water pipe-Technical information


Compression fittings “Unidelta” for PE water pipe.

Set up in 1973 , UNIDELTA S.p.A. makes high- and low-density cross-linked polyethylene piping for aqueducts, gas pipelines, irrigation systems, fire hoses, drainage systems and heating systems.

Compression Fittings Unidelta allow interconnecting pipes HDPE, PP, PVC without welding machine. Installation is carried out with compression ring and a rubber O-ring in the fitting. Compressing the pipe they provide tight seal between the pipe segments. In this particular preparation tubes, except chamfering the pipe is not required. Unidelta fittings manufactured completely ready for installation.

Sealing system Unidelta compression fitting consists of: clip-on lid, rubber seal, compression ring (collet) and bushings for mounting. Due to the simplicity of the design compression fittings are mounted quickly, and can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly without loss of properties.

All products of UNIDELTA have necessary certificates and permits. PP compression fittings are reliable, robust and durable.
Diameter: 16 – 110 mm threads up to 4 “

Operating pressure:

  • Diameter from 16 mm to 63 mm – PN16 (16 atmospheres)
  • Diameter from 75 mm to 110 mm – PN10 (10 bar)


  • Housing and the clamping cover – polypropylene copolymer stabilized (PP-B), is resistant to UV.
  • Sleeve for pressing – PP copolymer stabilized (PP-B), is resistant to UV.
  • Ferrule – resin (POM)
  • Seal – NBR rubber chemically resistant to dilute solutions, is safe in contact with food.

Applications compression fittings Unidelta:

  • Pipes of PE, PP, PVC
  • Water.
  • Канали зв’язку.
  • Links.
  • Industrial application.

The advantages of compression fittings Unidelta:

  • Hermetic connection, thanks to the seal;
  • Maximum working pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 atmospheres);
  • Easy and quick to install – Fitting requires no prior training;
  • Mount technology reduces the time and cost of the work;
  • Long life.

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