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Fittings PVC for external sewage – Technical information


Fittings PVS external sewage – description

Hungarian company WTN work since 1998 and has been manufacturing plastic systems of internal and external sewage. PVC fittings for drainage of VTN differ of high quality and reliability, which has allowed the company to enter the markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

PVC fittings for outdoor sewerage WTN made of polyvinyl chloride, and meet the standards of ISO 9001/2000. The product range includes fittings with diameters from 100 to 400 mm.

Sewer systems for non-pressure fittings BTH PVC pipe as follows assortment:

  • PVC Couplings
  • PVC elbows, knees, 15 °, 45 °, 67 °, 90 °
  • Tee PVC 45 °, 67 °, 90 °
  • Transitions eccentric – the reduction of PVC
  • Plugs PVC
  • Audits of PVC
  • Check valves made of PVC
  • Adapters transitions PVC iron

As with all the fittings of PVC products VTN are durable and reliable, and have a long service life. While assembling the external sewage PVC fittings VTN is fully compatible with the elements of systems from other manufacturers, while ensuring tight connections and reliability of the whole system.

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