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Installation and classification

At this stage in the development of engineering science in construction, everything
plastic is used more often. Plastic is inexpensive, and its technology production is simple. That is why plastic has replaced metal and in areas such as plumbing and sewage. This article will go we are talking about how to install and lay sewer pipes from polypropylene. And also give the characteristics of pipes and fittings
(fittings) designed for sewer.

Sewerage installation recommendations

Let’s start with the preparation for installation and the calculation of the necessary materials.

  • First of all, it is necessary to sketch the entire sewer scheme, noting its places
    passing and visually figuring out what, where and how it will be located. consumers
    water networks will be included in the sewage system, which fittings for this
    In addition, the flow rate of the pipes themselves should be calculated in advance.
    Which water network consumers will be included in the system?
    sewage, what shaped parts will be needed for this. It should also
    calculate the flow rate of the pipes themselves.
  • Having drawn a diagram, you will see where the corners, couplings, crosspieces and “entrances” will be
    into the sewers of consumers of the water network. This will give you information about the quantity and
    the size of the fittings, as well as the footage of the pipes.
  • It’s worth starting work from the very last point of entry into the sewer.
    the slope will go further, since the sewage will gravity and sewage will
    go at an angle from the highest to the lowest point. It will be right to do
    so that it’s always wet in your sewage system, then solid particles will not
    stick to the walls and form blockages. It’s easy. For every two
    meters of sewer pipe, there should be two centimeters of slope. Like this
    to calculate? We lay the pipe, set the building level on top, then
    tilt the pipe in the right direction by about two centimeters. The level will show
    slope. Raise the edge of the level towards which there is a slope and measure
    the distance from the lower point of the level to the upper point of the pipe, if two centimeters, then
    everything is in order, if not, slightly lower or raise the pipe.
  • We’ll note another very important point: just fit the pipes or fittings
    parts are very difficult, as the rubber bands give resistance.
    in order to overcome it and easily join the pipes, we rub the gum
    plumbing silicone or a simple laundry soap. Rubber will become slippery
    and easy to pass plastic for docking.
  • Pipes should be assembled in such a way that the bell always looks up or
    to the beginning of the sewer.

Classification of sewer pipes and fittings

Polypropylene pipes

The most common types of sewer pipes for
gaskets inside buildings are pipes with a diameter of 50 and 110 mm. Pipes with a diameter of 50 mm
are used for sewage disposal. Pipes with a diameter of 110 mm – for removal of fecal


Used for joining sewer pipes, in such
places where there is no possibility of docking with sockets. There are different diameters, have the form
two connected sockets.


There are different types: tee 110/110/110 (angle 90º), tee
110/110/50 (angle 90º), tee 110/110/110 (angle 45º), tee 110/110/50 (angle
45º). 90º tees are used to drain or enter the sewer under direct
angle, and a 45º tee is usually used to enter the sewer line into

Knees (bends)

There are also different diameters and different tilt angles (90 °,
45 °, 30 °). Used to change the direction of the branch at different angles.

Reduction (transition)

Designed for creating transitions or joining pipes of different diameters.


Serve to close the bells of sewer pipes.

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