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NIPVC pressure water systems


Water Pipes and Fittings (PVC-U) – Technical information

PVC pressure pipes with socket and reinforced rubber ring are used for laying underground networks of cold water supply and pressure sewer.
PVC pressure pipes (PVC-U) are available in standard length – 6 meters.

Maximum operating temperature (t max) = 600 C
Maximum operating temperature PVC pipes for water supply differ in size of working pressure (Slave) = 6.3 PA; 8Pa; 10Pa; 12.5 Pa; 16Pa.
(6 to 16 atmospheres).

Characteristics and advantages of NIPV pressure pipes:

  • NIPHV pipes are quickly, easily and reliably connected to the socket using rubber seals.
  • Very light, convenient for transportation and installation – the proportion of PVC pipes is 5 times less than that of steel ones.
  • Absence of all types of corrosion; very resistant to acids, alkalis and salts.
  • Do not give tap water color, smell, do not contribute to the deposition of growths inside the pipes.
  • Low hydraulic resistance, throughput does not decrease over time.
  • High elasticity – PVC pressure pipes are resistant to hydraulic shocks.
  • NIPC pipes are easy to cut – right at the installation site, you can quickly shorten the pipe, which reduces the time spent on the equipment and its installation.
  • PVC pipe has almost the same thermal conductivity as that of thermal insulation materials.
  • High electrical insulation. The occurrence of electrical corrosion is excluded.
  • PVC pipes – do not light up, ignition temperature – 500 º С.
  • Installation of NIPHV pipes is much faster than steel.
  • The service life is more than 50 years.

PVC fittings are pressure head

PVC fittings are parts that are designed to connect pipes at pivot points, branches and diameter crossings from the main pipeline.

PVC pressure pipes and fittings are used in the construction of swimming pools, water parks, fountains, in the chemical industry, used for water treatment and water treatment systems, in agriculture (for irrigation, fertilizer supply, in livestock – for supplying drinking water), for the installation of drainage systems quarries and mines, in the food industry in the production of low alcohol beverages, in the dairy and flour industries. In addition, NIPV pressure pipes and fittings are used when laying pressure sewer networks, as they are cheaper than plastic and much faster to install.

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