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PE pipes for external water supply - Technical information

Pipes PE100 HDPE for water supply - Technical information


Polyethylene is a very interesting alternative to traditional pipe materials - cast iron, steel or cement - for a number of technical or economic reasons. The wide distribution and technical development of polyethylene pipes are explained by the special characteristics of the material.

Pipes PE (PE) PND for water supply, features:


Polyethylene has a higher resistance to abrasion compared to steel and cement; This property makes it possible to use it for pumping water with the content of solid particles (sludge, mortar) and for dredging sand and gravel.


The increased flexibility of polyethylene and the ability to return to its original form after deformation allow the material to absorb the vibration, shock and stress arising from the movement of the soil and, therefore, such pipes can be installed on unstable soil.


Pipes made of polyethylene have a low specific gravity and, therefore, their transportation and installation are simple and very economical.


Chemically inert polyethylene at normal operating temperature; for this reason, it does not form cracks, corrosion, wall thickness does not decrease during an electrochemical reaction with soil. The material does not stimulate the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi.

Chemical effect

Polyethylene is highly resistant to many chemicals (see technical manual T2001).

Heat resistance

When exposed to normal changes in ambient temperature, polyethylene does not deteriorate.

Low temperature

The mechanical properties of polyethylene allow the pipes to be used even at very low temperatures (up to -60 ° C).

UV resistant

In order to avoid damage to polyethylene (aging) due to ultraviolet rays (sunlight), coal is added to the material, a suitable stabilizer that allows you to store pipes even in the open air for a long time.

Thermal and electrical conductivity

Polyethylene has a very low thermal conductivity and poorly conducts electric current.

Non toxicity

Polyethylene is an absolutely non-toxic material and, therefore, suitable for pumping drinking water or tap water; the material meets the hygienic requirements of the Ministry of Health (Order No. 102 of 12/02/1978).


Polyethylene pipe PE 100 for water.

Pressure pipes made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) low pressure (HDPE) brand PE-100 are made with diameters from 20mm to 1600mm for water pipes, but can also be used for pressure sewerage and for industrial process pipelines transporting liquid and gaseous substances to which polyethylene chemically resistant. Polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 20-110mm are produced in straight lengths and coils, and pipes with a diameter of 125mm to 1200mm are produced only in straight lengths of 6m - 13m.

The service life of polyethylene pipelines is 50-100 years.


The Santex company offers polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 20mm to 160mm from a warehouse in Kyiv.
Pipes can be cut:
in bays - from 50 m.
in rods - from 6m.
Pipes with a diameter above 160mm are delivered to order as soon as possible from the production warehouse.

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