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Ftoroplast - 4 (PTFE, PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene)


Fluoroplast-4 Application: PTFE is used for the manufacture of parts for electrical, anticorrosive, antifriction purposes, chemically resistant sealing elements of structures in mechanical engineering, instrumentation, chemical, radio engineering, food industry, medicine. Fluoroplast-4 is especially widely used in the manufacture of bearings operating without lubrication, with limited lubrication and in the presence of a corrosive liquid or gaseous medium. The high temperature resistance of fluoroplast-4 in combination with excellent dielectric characteristics of the material allows its use in electronic radio engineering for insulation of wires, cables, connectors, manufacturing of printed circuit boards, as well as in microwave technology. In the food industry and household appliances, fluoroplastic is used for the manufacture of release and non-stick coatings , for the manufacture of seals for milk pumps and pumps for food liquids.

Type Color Diameter, mm Length 1 mm Length 2 mm
Bar Natural 5-110 1000
120-200 500 1000
Key Features of Fluoroplastic:
  • resistance to almost all chemically aggressive environments, to the action of gasoline, kerosene, oil, alcohols, ketones, various solvents, concentrated salts, acids, alkalis and oxidizing agents, swells above 327 ° C in liquid fluorocarbons, freons. PTFE does not withstand only the effects of molten and dissolved alkaline metals, chlorine trifluoride, fluorine gas at 150 ° C and above or at elevated pressure;
  • resistance to light and adverse weather conditions;
  • resistance to hot water vapor;
  • high anti-friction ability;
  • not combustible;
  • good electrical and dielectric properties;
  • not hygroscopic;
  • physiologically neutral;
  • cold flow.
Fluoroplastic Properties Units Value
Density g/cm 3 2.10-2.30
Color white

Water absorption in 24 hours at 23 оС

% 0.00

Melting point

os 327

Maximum allowable working temperature:

- briefly

- continuously for 20,000 hours

oC 300 260

Minimum usage temperature

oC -180
Tensile strength (min.) MPa 14.0
Brinell hardness MPa 30-40
Thermal conductivity W/(mK) 0.252

Linear thermal expansion coefficient:

-the average between 23 o C and 100 o C

m/mK 16 * 10 -5
Dielectric constant at 100 Hz 2.1
Volume resistivity ohm * cm 1017-1020
Surface electrical resistance Ohm 1016-1017

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