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PP external sewage systems InCor - Technical information

PP external sewage pipes InCor


Double-layer polypropylene corrugated pipes are used for the exterior of home networks and non-pressure drainage system, as well as for drainage. PP corrugated pipe can be used for the transportation of waste, including short-term temperatures up to 95 ° C.


Double-layer corrugated polypropylene pipes are also used for transportation of chemical industrial wastewater.

High ring stiffness (S = 8) double-layer corrugated pipes made of polypropylene allows for two-layer corrugated pipes in construction engineering services in areas with high load: under the highways, the construction of interchanges, bridges, at the airport, including runways, taxiways under walkways and parking places in airplanes.

The advantages of two-layer corrugated polypropylene pipes "InCor":

  • High ring stiffness - ring stiffness PP corrugated pipe - at least 10 kN/m2 (class rigidity SN 8).
  • Thermal resistance - temperature waste water to 95 ° C short term.
  • Chemical resistance - polypropylene corrugated pipes have a high chemical resistance to chemical media, acids, alkalis.
  • Corrosion resistance of walls and stray currents - double layer polypropylene pipes do not conduct current, which distinguishes them from the steel and cast iron pipes, which are in proximity to the cable routes in communities exposed to accelerated aging under the influence of electrochemical corrosion.
  • High abrasion resistance, making appropriate use of double-layer corrugated PP pipes for transporting sewage containing solids.
  • In contrast to the type of pipe KORSIS in these tubes inside diameter is almost identical with a nominal diameter that provides much greater bandwidth.
  • Possibility to connect two-layer corrugated pipes made of polypropylene with all types of pipes and wells.
  • High maintainability - the application of the standard of repair couplings can easily interconnect pipeline segments, including carrying out repair paste.
  • Easy to transport - lightweight two-layer corrugated pipes made of polypropylene makes installation even easier and faster.
  • Service life of at least 50 years - double layer corrugated polypropylene pipes are much longer than steel pipes (warranty period - 50 years), non-corrosive, do not require cathodic protection, and therefore almost maintenance-free.

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