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Check valve d 50, polypropylene for sewerage

Check valve for internal sewage d 50

Material: polypropylene


The sewer valve reduces the risk of failures in the sewer system as a whole.

The non-return valve for sewage protects residential premises from the inflow of waste liquids and the possible penetration of rodents.

In the event of a blockage, the non-return valve will prevent sewage from entering the living space.

Installation of the non-return valve
Installation of the non-return valve on the sewer can be carried out in both vertical and horizontal positions. This is caused by the features of the devices used, for example, the lifting check valve can be installed only on the horizontal section of the sewage system.

A PVC sewer check valve can be installed both on a separate piece of equipment, such as a toilet or a sink, and on the entire sewer.

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to select the equipment. The choice should be based on the parameters of the sewage system (volume of waste water) and determined by the place of installation of the device (a separate unit or the entire system).



Existing types of devices adhere to the same scheme of operation and consist of a case with located in it (figure below):

1 - membrane valve that prevents the reverse flow of wastewater;
2 - a lever that passes waste fluids into the sewer in the direction indicated by the arrow;
3 - removable cover that allows you to clean the device in case of clogging and forcibly close the membrane



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