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Check valve for internal sewerage 50 mm

Check valve d 50, polypropylene for domestic sewage

Діаметр, мм




The sewer valve reduces the risk of failure in the sewer system as a whole.

Water always moves along the path of least resistance. If even a small blockage occurs in the sewer, then it becomes possible to turn the direction of the flow of wastewater. Waste liquid can rise up the riser and flow out of installed plumbing products, which leads to flooding of neighbors and simply unpleasant consequences. To prevent such situations, a sewer check valve is installed.
How it works.
The non-return valve for sewerage protects residential premises from the ingress of waste liquids and the possible penetration of rodents. Existing types of devices adhere to the same scheme of operation and consist of a case with located in it (figure below):

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