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Drainage pipes d 160-400mm corrugated with perforation, in rods

Heavy drainage system from corrugated pipes PP InCor.

Heavy drainage is made of two-layer corrugated PP InCor pipes with ring stiffness SN 8 and is designed for dehydration of areas that have increased requirements for strength, such as roads, highways, airports, tunnels, parking lots, industrial areas.


Depending on the degree of perforation, there are 3 types of heavy drainage pipes:

TP - a pipe for complete drainage (360° perforation) with holes evenly spaced around the entire perimeter, in 6 rows of cuts every 60° in the corrugation wave recess.

LP - pipe for partial drainage (perforation 240°). The pipe is provided with partial perforation in the upper half, in 4 rows of cuts, but the bottom of the pipe does not have any slots.

MP - multifunctional pipe (perforation 120°), can be used as a pipe for storm sewer (storm drains) and a drainage pipe. Holes in 2 rows of cuts are made only in the upper part of the pipe, symmetrically with respect to the vertical axis of the pipe.

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