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Drainage wells


Drainage wells.

Drainage wells are made of polypropylene (PP) corrugated pipes with an inner diameter of 315 mm and 400 mm and a height of 1.5 m.

Depending on what will be installed on the top of the manhole, one-layer or two-layer InCor corrugated pipe can be used for manholes.

The top of the well, depending on the load on it, can be made in the form of a plastic cover made of PP, a PVC telescope with a cast-iron hatch (or grate), or a concrete cone with a cover or a sewer hatch (plastic or cast-iron). When installing a PVC telescope, a single-layer corrugated pipe is used.

Drainage chambers are adapted for connection of corrugated drainage pipes with a diameter of 110, 160 or 200 mm.

If necessary, the bottom of the well can be closed with a plastic bottom with an O-ring.

Depending on the requirements, the well can have two, three or four nozzles for connecting drain pipes. As a standard, the corrugated pipes are located at a height of 500 mm from the bottom of the well. Installation of branch pipes at any height is possible on request.

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