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Thermistor electrofusion fittings made of PE

Thermistor fittings for welding polyethylene pipes.
Fittings with embedded electric heater.

Thermistor welding is performed using shaped parts with embedded electric heaters and special welding equipment.
Thermistor weld fittings with embedded electric heater for connecting pipelines in gas and water supply, as well as for sewage, have proven to be a reliable, economical and user-friendly technology.


Advantages of thermistor fittings:

  • Thermistor fittings ø20 ÷ 63 mm are equipped with fixing clamps (no need to use clamps when welding);
  • Unique saddle design: separate rotating top ø20 ÷ 63 mm, easy to use;
  • The spiral covered with polyethylene excludes its damage at the moment of an insertion of a fitting. If dirt gets inside the fitting in the field, it can be easily removed with a napkin.
  • Constant voltage 39.5V in all fittings as a constant value (except for repair couplings - 24V).
  • Each fitting is packed in an individual plastic bag, which protects the welded surface from dirt and damage.
  • Each fitting is completed with an individual plastic card or sticker for the convenience of the welder.

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