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Grease trap for washing SG 0,5-0,06 “Optima – 60”


Grease trap for 60 liters SZ 0.5-0.06 “Optima – 60” for washing

Grease traps of the Optima series are used in cafes, restaurants, kitchens and carving shops of supermarkets.
Also, these grease traps can be installed in apartments, country houses and cottages.
Grease traps of the Optima series are manufactured serially according to TU U 29.2-32306957-002: 2009.
Main characteristics:
  • Overall dimensions of the entire grease trap:
    Length: 480mm; Width: 420mm; Height: 320mm. (540x440x320 – mounting)
  • Entrance Height: 240mm; Exit Height: 215mm.
  • Diameters of branch pipes – 50mm
  • Productivity – 0.5 m3 / hour (0.145 l/s)
  • Permissible Peak Reset – 35л
1) Grease trap (grease separator) – body and cover;
2) Passport for fat separator;
3) Conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological service

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