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Grease trap for washing SG 0,5-0,06 “Optima – 60” F


Grease trap for 60 liters SG 0.5-0.06 “Optima – 60” F (with replaceable filters)

Grease traps of the Optima series are used in cafes, restaurants, kitchens and cutting shops of supermarkets.
Also these grease traps can be installed in apartments, country houses and cottages.
Grease traps of the Optima series are made serially according to TU U 29.2-32306957-002: 2009.

The grease trap SG 0,5-0,06 “Optima-60” F is equipped with fastenings for installation of replaceable filter packages (FP-1). The set of the Fat trap SG 0,5-0,06-F “Optima-60” includes five filter packages (one is preinstalled and 4 pieces in packing).


1) Grease trap (grease separator) – body and cover;
2) Filter packages – 5 pieces (one is preinstalled and 4 pieces in packing).
3) Passport of fat separator;
3) Conclusion of the sanitary and hygienic service
The special design of the filter bag allows you to remove it from the mounts, and allow the water to drain and dispose of along with the contents. Next, a new filter package included in the kit must be installed in the grease separator.

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