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Grease trap industrial SGK 6.1-0.9


Grease trap industrial (fat separator) SGK 6.1-0,9

An industrial fat separator of round (cylindrical) shape for 900l under a pipe F 110mm, 160mm or 200mm. It can be installed simultaneously on several sinks, depending on the intensity of work. The grease trap is usually installed in the basement under the workshop or in a well-equipped (concrete or bricked) recess in the ground.
The underground industrial Grease trap should be installed on a flat base (rammed clay or concrete slab), in a well-equipped (concrete ring or bricked) recess in the ground under the slab with a hatch.

Main characteristics:

  • Displacement: 0.9 m3
  • Productivity: 6.1 m3 \ hour (1.7 l/s)
  • Dimensions:
    Diameter – 1100 mm
    Height – 1150 mm
  • Peak discharge 480 l
  • Diameter of branch pipes: 110 mm


  • Grease trap with lid.
  • Passport
  • Sanitary report (copy)


under the order, up to 10 days.

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