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High molecular weight polyethylene PE-500

High molecular weight polyethylene PE500 sheet

High molecular weight polyethylene PE-500 is an engineering industrial plastic with excellent strength, stiffness and machinability characteristics. High molecular weight polyethylene PE500 is usually supplied as an extruded sheet and can operate at temperatures as low as -100°C. It also boasts higher wear resistance than PE300, giving it a wider range of applications across all industries.


High molecular weight polyethylene PE500 is widely used due to its impact resistance in areas such as professional kitchen cutting boards, fenders, handrails and protective strips where repeated exposure is expected. This material is easy to process and is a good electrical insulator and can also be welded.


High molecular weight polyethylene PE-500 is less resistant to abrasion than PE-1000, but in some areas it can replace it as a cheaper material. Compressed polyethylene PE-500 is successfully used for lining wagons, dump truck bodies and excavator buckets. It should be borne in mind that its service life will be less than that of PE-1000 polyethylene.


Polyethylene PE-500 has good chemical and crack resistance. Resistant to most acids, alkalis and many organic solvents. Can be UV stabilized.

 Main characteristics:

Good wear resistance;
High impact viscosity, even at low temperatures
Low coefficient of sliding friction
Excellent anti-adhesion ability
Excellent workability
Physiologically inert (suitable for contact with food products)
Good resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)

Gear wheels, bearings, wear plates, supporting guide rollers, rolling rollers, juice blocks, guide bars and belts for conveyors and chains, buffers, scraper blades, ring pistons and seals, sealing cuffs, valves, hammer headstock, screws, conveyor guides, filter plates, pickers, shock caps, liners for bunkers, inclined trays and troughs for bulk material, pads for a stamp, boards for cutting and chopping in the food industry (meat and fish processing), as well as for many mechanical, chemical and electrical applications.

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