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PE valves for underground pipelines

Ball plastic cranes for underground installation under the carpet.
PE underground taps for gas pipelines and water supply systems.

Polyethylene ball valves are installed on gas pipelines with a maximum pressure of up to 10 bar or on PE water pipelines with a pressure of up to 16 bar and allow shutdown of one or several sections of an existing polyethylene pipeline.

Cranes are made entirely of PE-100 material, which is ideal for underground gas pipelines - there is no need for anode protection.

PE nozzles SDR11 allow the use of both thermistor and butt welding.

Thanks to the material from which the cranes are made, they can be used in the temperature range from -30 C to + 40 C.

Cranes are installed under the carpet. The crane is controlled by a metal rod, protected by a plastic casing and a special rotary knob, which is worn on the rod.

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