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Polyamide (Caprolon) Ertalon 6SA, 66SA, 6PLA

Polyamide (Caprolon) Ertalon 6SA, 66SA, 6PLA

ERTALON 6SA, Polyamide 6
- This material offers the best combination of mechanical strength, stiffness, impact strength, mechanical loss and wear resistance. These characteristics, together with good electrical insulating properties and good chemical resistance make ERTALON 6SA a universal material for mechanical structures and maintenance.

- the material has higher mechanical strength, rigidity, heat and wear resistance than ERTALON 6SA. It also has higher creep resistance, but has lower impact strength and mechanical loss index. It is well suited for machining on automatic lathes.

ERTALON 6PLA, Polyamide 6
- The characteristics of unmodified cast nylon are very close to those of ERTALON 66SA. It combines high strength, stiffness and hardness with good flow and wear resistance, good thermal aging and machinability.

Polyamide (Kaprolon) oil-filled - Ertalon LFX

ERTALON LFX - cast polyamide containing lubricants, which in the full sense of the word is a self-lubricating material. This material is specially designed for heavily loaded, slowly moving sliding elements dry and due to its low friction coefficient (up to -50%) and its wear resistance (up to 10 times higher ) allows you to significantly expand the scope of application of polyamides.

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