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Air valve (aerator) made of polypropylene for internal sewage

Діаметр, мм






Anti-vacuum valve (aerator) for internal sewerage d 50 and 110 mm

The sewerage air valve can replace the traditional fan vent pipe of the exhaust system, the main task of which is to ensure the smooth and silent operation of the sewage system

Installing an air valve for sewage makes it possible not to bring the sewer riser above the level of the roof of the building. This minor detail, in some individual cases, will become indispensable. For example, when balconies and windows are located close to the exhaust stack, which can be less than 4 m horizontally, which leads to fecal odors entering the premises. Or with constant internal icing of the riser in winter, which results in a significant decrease in air permeability, leading to the breakdown of hydraulic seals

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