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Pipes polyethylene PE-RC two-layer pressure head for water

Two-layer pipes for water supply "PROTECT" with a protective layer of PE 100 RC.

Two-layer pipes for water supply are manufactured using PE 100 RC material, which is more resistant than conventional PE 100 to abrasive media. PE 100 RC is specifically designed for alternative pipe laying methods. This material complies with the requirements of PAS 1075: 2009-04 and EN 12201-2.

Due to the high melt viscosity during extrusion of PE 100 RC, its long-term hydrostatic strength, exceptional resistance to long-term loads and high resistance to crack propagation, polyethylene pipes made with PE 100 RC can be more widely used in the installation of water pipes (for example: it is possible to lay pipes without sand cushions and sanding, as well as the possibility of reusing excavated soil when installing in open trenches, as well as with trenchless laying methods).


Polyethylene pipes for water with a protective layer of PE 100 RC are connected, like ordinary pipes from PE 100, by welding (with a heated butt tool, using thermistor couplings and socket parts), as well as mechanically using Unidelta compression parts.

The top protective layer can be easily removed from the ends of the pipes, if necessary, allowing the use of sleeve thermistor welding or compression parts. Butt welding is allowed without removing the coating. The range of PROTECT pipes includes standard sizes from 110 mm to 1600 mm.


The main advantages of the protective layer PE 100 RC:

  • incombustible;
  • antistatic;
  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • The depth of scratches of protective sheath cuts is allowed up to 75% of its thickness.


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