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Welded wells d 600-3000 mm for sewerage

WEHO manholes made of large diameter spiral pipes

KWH Pipe manufactures a very wide range of standard manholes and an unlimited range of non-standard manholes under the name WEHO. Wells can be made with a diameter of up to 3000mm and a depth of up to 6m. Wells of this type are used in the construction of large facilities, such as airports, runways, stadiums, large shopping malls, where they are subject to increased requirements for rigidity and strength during ground shifts and groundwater pressure.


Production range:

  • inspection eccentric manholes with a diameter of 1600, 1400, 1200 and 1000 with an inlet made of a WehoLite pipe with a diameter of 800 mm to 3000 mm;
  • manholes with a diameter of 1600, 1400, 1200, 1000 with a wet part WehoLite with a smooth double wall;
  • revision wells with a diameter of 1000 with a wet part WehoLite with a smooth double wall;
  • manholes with a diameter of 800, 600, 400 with a wet part WehoLite with a smooth double wall.

All of the above manholes with a pipe diameter ≥ 600mm can be made depending on the individual project specification and the needs of the customer.

 Advantages of WEHO manholes:

  • solid monolithic construction, which guarantees tightness and trouble-free operation;
  • any connection diameters;
  • absolute resistance to corrosion and high resistance to chemical substances;
  • the ability to expand the system in the future as conditions change (the ability to add new connections using a sealant, the ability to change the height of the wet part of the well by adding elements of the wet part at the construction site);
  • it is possible to connect to other systems, according to the individual order specification.

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