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11:01 02.06.2020

PVC pipes (PVC-TR) transparent in a warehouse in Kiev.

Our assortment has replenished with new products – transparent PVC pipes (PVC-TR) produced by the German company GEHR.

Transparent PVC pipes, manufactured by GEHR (Germany), are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Transparent PVC pipes – are widely used in the construction of swimming pools, when installing inspection inserts on chemical and pharmaceutical pipelines, in modeling, advertising, medical laboratories and in the production of non-standard welded containers for the manufacture of liquid levels.

The advantage of transparent PVC pipes is their resistance to chemically aggressive and harmful substances, toxic solutions, as well as the formation of bacteria. Transparent PVC pipes have low thermal conductivity and provide electrical insulation.

The working pressure in PVC pipes depends on the thickness of its walls and the temperature of the transported medium. The pipes can be connected to each other using ordinary PVC adhesive fittings and it is quite simple, just apply special glue to the surfaces that are glued together and immediately connect them. The pipeline can begin to operate as early as 15 minutes after gluing.


Transparent PVC pipes are delivered in sections of 5 mp
The assortment of transparent PVC pipes from GEHR is presented in diameters from 8mm to 160mm.
At the moment, the following diameters from 20mm, 25, 32mm and 40mm are presented in our warehouse in Kiev. Our company is ready to deliver other diameters according to your order as soon as possible.

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PVC pipes (PVC-TR) transparent in a warehouse in Kiev.

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