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PVC-U pipes and fittings - Technical information

Unidelta clamping compression fittings for HDPE polyethylene pipes.

PVC-U water pressure system

DN 90 - DN 500 PVC-U pipes and fittings at pressure range PN 6 - PN 12,5


PVC-U pipes are lightweight, durable and less expensive in comparison with other types of pipes. They are resistant to corrosion. The smooth internal surface of the pipe minimizes pressure losses over long distances. The durability of connections is guaranteed by pipe bells factory fitted with high-quality seals. In order to facilitate assembly, we also offer connecting fittings (sleeves, two-socket connection tubes, flange connectors).


The result is that the PVC-U pipes and fittings are very popular with designers, investors and even construction companies building water-pipe networks.


Characteristics and advantages of PVC-U pressure pipes:

  • PVC-U pipes are quickly, easily and securely connected to the socket with the help of rubber sealing rubber rings.
  • Very light, easy to transport and install - the specific gravity of PVC pipes is 5 times less than that of steel pipes.
  • Absence of all types of corrosion; very resistant to acids, alkalis and salts.
  • Do not give tap water color, smell, do not contribute to the deposition of growths inside the pipes.
  • Small hydraulic resistance, throughput does not decrease over time.
  • High elasticity - PVC pressure pipes are resistant to hydraulic shocks.
  • PVC-U pipes are easy to cut - right at the installation site, you can quickly shorten the pipe, which reduces the time and equipment spent on laying it.
  • PVC pipe has almost the same thermal conductivity as thermal insulation materials.
  • High electrical insulation. Electrical corrosion is excluded.
  • PVC pipes are hardly flammable, the ignition temperature is 500 ºС.
  • Installation of PVC-U pipes is much faster than from steel.
  • Service life - more than 50 years.

PVC-U pressure fittings.

PVC-U fittings are parts used to connect pipes at bends, branches and diameter transitions from the main pipeline.

Application area:
PVC pressure pipes and fittings are used in the construction of swimming pools, water parks, fountains, in the chemical industry, used for water treatment and water treatment systems, in agriculture (for irrigation, fertilizer supply, in animal husbandry - for supplying drinking water), when installing drainage systems on quarries and mines, in the food industry in the production of low-alcohol drinks, in the dairy and flour-grinding industries. In addition, PVC-U pressure pipes and fittings are used when laying pressure sewer networks, since they are cheaper than polyethylene and are much faster to install.

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