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PVC air valve for manure removal systems

PVC check valve d 110 and 160 mm, for mounting on a pipe of a self-alloying system of pus

PVC air dampers are available in two sizes d110 mm and d160 mm.

In order to avoid air locks, which, when the manure mass moves through the manure removal system, could lead to spontaneous opening of the shut-off plugs in the baths already cleared of manure, the system provides for the installation of air valves at the end of each sewer line.
Prices for PVC air valve for manure removal systems.

The manure removal system is assembled from specially made PVC saddles, as well as standard PVC pipes and fittings for external sewage

Our company is ready to offer the entire range of manure removal system components:

  • PVC pipes for external non-pressure sewerage;
  • saddle taps (saddle tee PVC);
  • plugs for saddles;
  • air valves;
  • PVC fittings - taps, tees, reductions, etc.

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