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Stoppers for saddles PVC manure removal systems

Plugs with sealing ring and stainless steel handle for manure removal systems.

Plugs are supplied for PVC saddles in two diameters: d 250mm and d 315mm.

The plug is designed for manure removal systems. The shape and material from which the plugs are made guarantee tightness and easy opening as needed. The plugs are equipped with porous rubber gaskets. The plugs fit easily into the seats in the saddle or extension and seal the drain hole hermetically.

Our company is ready to offer the entire range of manure removal system components:

  • PVC pipes for external non-pressure sewerage;
  • saddle taps (saddle tee PVC);
  • plugs for saddles;
  • air valves;
  • PVC fittings - taps, tees, reductions, etc.

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