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Santeks LLC was founded in 2000. The main priorities of the company are high quality products and impeccable service. Thanks to this, as well as a competent policy, dynamically developing, the company has established itself as a reliable partner-supplier of high-quality products from leading foreign manufacturers.

Many years of experience in a market economy formed the basis for the creation of a highly qualified team of managers and technical specialists who help our customers in solving issues of any complexity. Our company offers a wide range of high quality products, the best prices, flexible discount systems. A well-established activity of the logistics department allows us to deliver products in a short time.

Clients of Santeks LLC appreciate the ease of communication, the unobtrusiveness of the staff, friendliness and a purely individual approach to each client.

We are always glad to see you, write, call, come!

Main directions:


1. Water supply and sewage systems:

- Double-layer corrugated InCor pipes made of polypropylene INSTALPLAST (Poland);
- PVCH pressure water supply system INSTALPLAST (Poland), Kaczmarek (Poland);

- Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply (Ukraine, Poland);
- Unidelta compression fittings for PE pipes UNIDELTA (Italy);
- PVC pipes for outdoor sewage INSTALPLAST (Poland);
- PVC shaped parts for outdoor sewage (Poland, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine);
- Internal heating and water supply systems PEX-AL-PEX UNIDELTA (Italy);
- PVC drainage systems and wells INSTALPLAST (Poland);
- Polyethylene (PE) spiral pipes for water supply and sanitation UPONOR (Finland);
- Shut-off fittings made of cast iron and cast iron fittings Norson (Poland);


2. Structural plastics for mechanical processing:

Main plastics:
Polyamide (Caprolon) PA-6, PA6.6 - GEHR GmbH (Germany), QUADRANT EPP (Belgium), GLOBAL EPP (Great Britain)
Polyacetal POM-C - GEHR GmbH (Germany), GLOBAL EPP (Great Britain), QUADRANT EPP (Belgium);
Polyethylene terephthalate (Lawsan, PET) PET - GEHR GmbH (Germany), QUADRANT EPP (Belgium);
High molecular weight polyethylene PE-500, PE-1000 Polypres (Spain), GEHR GmbH (Germany);
Fluoroplast F-4 PTFE (rods);


Other plastics GEHR GmbH (Germany):

Polypropylene PP;
Polyvinyl chloride PVC-U;
Polyamide-Imide PEI;
Polyether ether ketone PEEK;
Polyphenylene sulfide PPS;
Polysulfone PSU;

Plastics are used in the following industries:
machine and machine tool construction, radio engineering and electronics, instrument construction, food industry, chemical industry, medical equipment, metallurgy, printing industry, oil and gas industry.


PVC manure removal systems from a warehouse in Kyiv.
New delivery this year.


A wide range of sheet and rod plastic is available in a new warehouse in Kyiv!



We have become even closer to you!
The new sales department is already working!



Market leaders

For many years, the Santex company has held a leading position on the Ukrainian market in the supply of plastic pipes, fittings for them and engineering plastics for mechanical processing.


We provide technical and information support to our customers. Advertising support for wholesale buyers.


Individual approach to each client, regardless of the purchase amount. Striving for mutually beneficial cooperation.


Possibility of delivery of wholesale consignments of goods directly to the construction site or to the customer's warehouse at the best prices.